KVoice Website Statistics

All website statistics published anywhere should be interpreted with a pinch of salt. The chart below shows the number of unique IP addresses recorded independently by our website host which uses analysis software named Webalizer. The chart shows the number of unique visits per month made to Kidlington Voice Online from all sources including persons and search engines such as Google which visit KVoice to index its contents.


OK. Using the same measure of unique IP-visits per month, the outcome for a reasonably well-performing business website is often cited to the nearest memorable round-number as being approximately 1000 visits per month. In other words, if your site attracts more than 1000 unique IP-visits per month you are probably doing OK; less than 1000 then maybe there is some work to be done to top up your numbers. Therefore the figures below should be interpreted by this same measure to indicate that Kidlington Voice Online generally out-performs most business websites in the order of four times the average number of monthly visitors it attracts, in turn suggesting a daily average number of unique visits to KVoice in the order of 150 unique visits per day. In practice most visitors visit KVoice routinely, certainly on more than one occasion per month because of the nature of the site: to keep watch on the year-ahead calendar for the latest upcoming events, to see new images added to the local collection of photographs, and generally to see what has arrived since their last visit. In summary, if you are an advertiser with a website, then the chances are that you will begin to get more hits on your own website if you also have a card on KVoice for our visitors to click on. And if you don't have a website, then, no problem, you can have a card on KVoice showing your contact details.

So, all that said, here come our monthly numbers.

Over 1000pm is statistically above average. Over 2000pm we think is exceptional. Over 4000pm we believe is outstanding:

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