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Continuous monitoring in the background of KV-Online records the total number of hits made daily from all sources on individual advertisement cards, including hits made by persons and automated search engines such as Google. Every hit on a KV advertisement card automatically forwards the visitor from this website to the advertiser's own website where further examination of the content of that website takes place by search engines referred directly from KV. No information is revealed about the identity of any visitor but advertisers who receive statistical reports from their own website may use this information to verify the number of referrals made directly from See also the card headed 'Website Statistics' on the KV front page which publicly reports the total number of unique visits made to Kidlington Voice Online every month.

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About Internet Statistics

The number of Internet users worldwide who potentially could view your card on KV at any time is around half the population of the world, about 3.5 billion people. For details see the global report on Internet usage published on Wikipedia here.

The number of unique visits made to KV every month from all sources is around five thousand: 5,000. The actual number of visits is very much greater, but 5000 is around the total number made by those that have visited KV at least once in any given month. For actual monthly figures, see the card headed 'Website Statistics' on the KV front page.

The number of visits made per day to KV which subsequently result in a considered, selective, and determined 'click' made on your individual card which then forwards that visitor directly to your own website is revealed in your personal KV statistics report above.

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