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Remember Anything:
— fast recall of private information by keyword and word association.


What is this software? It's a note-keeper.
How is it different? You recall your notes by the keywords they contain.
Can you give me a simple example? Yes. Remember 'paul 07729183925'. Recall 'paul' and you'll get 'paul 07729183925'.
Sounds handy. Can you tell me more? OK, here we go:

  Association is one of the basic mechanisms of memory.

    Word associations arise in the mind when reading or saying a word or just thinking about a word: the revival of an idea or concept is accompanied by an awakening of other ideas associated with it. Recollections based on words are as individual as life experience. Unlike dictionary definitions of words which reveal an agreed common meaning, words often trigger alternative significance by association of apparently unconnected ideas hence words can also activate highly personal memories via seemingly 'indirect' routes. And so (in this online system which is designed to aid memory of the hundred-and-one bits-and-bobs of potentially useful information which fly across our desk every day) it's OK to use made-up words or nonsense words, or words which are distinctively meaningful to you alone if they help jog your memory. For example, if you want to use the word 'zebra' to recall a telephone number then 'zebra 07729183926' is all you'd need to save — because your recall of 'zebra' alone would return the number by the word which you uniquely had chosen to associate with it. If this system aids your recall of private information, well, that's its purpose.

This software is called 'Remember Anything' — to try it out, contact
  "It's like having your own private Google." - Paul Humphreys, - October 2018.

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