Mindful Art

by Douglas Lloyd

T here is always added pressure to be as accurate as possible when painting a portrait, but my stylistic approach allows me some creative license whilst ensuring I capture the character of the subject. You may recognise some of them from your walks around Kidlington.

I’ve always had an inherent desire to paint. In fact the best A-level grade I achieved was in Art. My art teacher seemed to be the only teacher who ever offered me any encouragement. Of course art is subjective so it’s up to the audience to decide whether or not I should have focused more in Biology.

To tell the truth I don't paint for anyone other than myself. I found long evenings in, painting at my dining table, gave me time to detach myself from the stresses of life and lockdown.

The attention required to be present in the moment and focused on the task at hand proved a great source of mindfulness and satisfaction. I have a long list of people and scenes to paint.

My portraits are inspired by my family, and my love of the Scottish Highlands provides me all the inspiration I need when painting animals or scenery.

The common themes across both include boldness and colour.

Douglas Lloyd is a resident of Kidlington Village.

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