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Business Continuity

"When working online from home, people should take greater of control over the business data in their charge. It's certainly part technical — but best practice comes down to good habits too."
  Paul Humphreys, MD Oxford Continuity Ltd.

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I n partnership with Sweden's T&M Hansson-IT, Oxford Continuity Ltd presents The NextCloud Business Continuity Server.

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So, what do you get?

You get to take control of all your business data in-house and gain tight management over your unique business processes. Your data and its secrets are not held by us at Oxford Continuity nor are they held by Google or Amazon or Microsoft or Facebook or anyone else managing online computing services. Your data is held only by you — and stored in your own premises on-site and off-site on twin-servers wholly owned and controlled by you.

So, if in this Oxford Continuity model your data is held only by you — is that a good thing or a bad thing?


It's a bad thing.

You don't want things to go haywire. It's certainly a bad thing if you don't look after your own data. That's why Oxford Continuity has partnered with HanssonIT to produce The NextCloud Business Continuity Server which combines top technical and business know-how so you have the option to go it alone and ring-fence your own systems. The Business Continuity Server is purpose-built to give you the best possible chance of keeping your own data safe away from potential third-party inspection while continuing your business uninterrupted. That's all part of the Oxford Continuity plan.

Hardened Hardware

Download the Overview Paper

How do I get started?

This way of doing things might not turn out to be the best model for your business. We'll check with you first before we attempt to sell you anything. Trust trumps technology, and much of this may be new to you especially if you are starting-up a new Company or reviewing the way you use computing to support your existing business.

For today, we ask you to take a look at an overview of the principles behind Business Continuity Management as set out by the Business Continuity Institute here.

If you see what we're getting at and would like to proceed then we'll tell you what you'll receive in the Oxford Continuity package: it includes two (not one) physical servers each armed with two-terabytes of storage and an impressive set of productivity software pre-loaded ready-to-go (privately held files, in-house file sharing, calendars, contacts, project management software, staff-to-staff internal messaging to avoid use of public email, internal video calls ... and more). One server you'll plug-in at your office, the other off-site for backup potentially sited at the private home of your business owner to keep everything in the family: it's important there's a good geographic separation between the two servers but we'll check out these sorts of thing with you in advance. And then we'll step you through the setup and what you'll be taking on if you think this model might be your cup of tea. Members of your team working off-site do not require any special equipment at their home, only a computer and Internet connection.

Cloud Software

Let's see how we go. No need to rush. It's important to stay safe while you consider competing options for growing your business. When you're ready to find out more get in touch with us at Oxford Continuity and we'll take things from there.

Download the Overview Paper

Oxford Continuity's NextCloud Business Continuity Server combines best practices in Computing Management within a framework of Business Continuity Management as defined by The Business Continuity Institute here.

Cloud Software If you are starting a new business or reviewing your business practices in light of the effects of the worldwide pandemic then The NextCloud Business Continuity Server offers a business model to help you quickly get started. In short, it's a private on-premise plug-and-play Cloud Computing network enabling home and office interaction right out of the box.


Business Continuity

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