July 2020

04 Jul Sat   📃 ★★★ Article • The Manic Minute • Firefighter Gideon Ring tells his recruitment story into Oxfordshire's Fire Service.
  ⇛   Gideon Ring  

04 July Sat ↪ RE-OPENING • KIDLINGTON FOOTBALL CLUB • Kidlington Football Club is reopening on Saturday 4th July operating within Covid-19 guidelines. Opening hours — Saturdays: noon to 11.00pm. Sundays: noon to 6.00pm. Fridays: 3.00pm to 11.00pm. Live football matches on TV broadcast on Sky and BT Sports will be available to view in the Club's social area. For details and more click on the Club's card on KV here.

9 Jul Thu ↪ Online Event • LOCKDOWN CURIOSITY • A series of online talks and discussions organised by Kidlington Baptist Church. For details scroll down the Poster Parade, here:
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Event Organisers — when you are able to confirm an upcoming event subject to any further lockdown restrictions please notify Louise Lloyd by email to and include your event in this Calendar.
Thank you.

📃 Article • GOING BACK TO UNIVERSITY • Ella Gauci returns with sage advice about continuing to study.
  ⇛   Ella Gauci  

📃 Article • SUMMER'S GARDENS AND THE POETS • John Batchelor leads us onto an immaculate lawn with Marvell, Kipling, and Shakespeare.
  ⇛   John Batchelor  

⚫ Information • KIDLINGTON LIBRARY: PREPARING TO RE-OPEN • Library staff are making preparations to re-open soon. For details and to read about the Summer Reading Challenge look at the notice in the Poster Parade here:
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⚫ Information • ART TO WORDS • Art Weeks local exhibitions were cancelled last month but if you have produced an artwork and can tell its story in around 500 words then please contact our Publishing Director to have it exhibited as an article here on KV. Contact louise.lloyd

📃 Article • AN EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY • James Hamilton takes a phenomenal flight high above the buttercup fields of Kidlington.
  ⇛   James Hamilton  

⚫ Information • HISTORY CALLS FOR REMINISCENCES • The Kidlington and District Historical Society (K&DHS) invites your reminiscences about the impact the Coronavirus is having on your daily life.
Click on the letter from KDHS in the Poster Parade, here:
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📃 Article • STARGAZING • Roger Davies invites us to look up and take in the big picture as he describes the sky at night over Kidlington.
  ⇛   Roger Davies  

📃 Article • IN PRAISE OF COW PARSLEY • James Hamilton reveals a presence hidden in every corner of every field.
  ⇛   James Hamilton  

♦ Advertisement • Kidlington Football Club • Home fixtures played at Yarnton Road.

  ⇛   Kidlington Football Club  

📃 Article • LOCKDOWN MEDAL • Graham Kirby considers VE-Day and reflects on how prisoners of war in Europe supported each other.
  ⇛   Graham Kirby  

📃 Article • POETRY AND CRISIS: EDWARD THOMAS • John Batchelor recalls the times, settings, and poetry of Edward Thomas.
  ⇛   John Batchelor  

♦ Advertisement • The Yurt at Nicholsons • The Yurt at Nicholsons provides simple and surprising delights under canvas in its tree nursery in North Aston.

  ⇛   The Yurt at Nicholsons  

♦ Advertisement • Chipping Norton Theatre • Upcoming Performances.

  ⇛   Chipping Norton Theatre  

⚫ Information • SELF-ISOLATING? NEED HELP? • Thames Valley Police in partnership with Kidlington Parish Council have set up a hotline to support you. If you or your neighbours need help while self-isolating in the Kidlington area then telephone 01865-817722. For details see Poster Parade, here:
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⚫ Information • WRITERS WARMLY WELCOMED • At home with an idea for creative writing? Ready to publish your article to inform your fellow villagers? It's time to write — become a Kidlington Writer. For details, contact louise.lloyd

August 2020

📃 Article • OXYMORONICA • Louise Lloyd discovers a new word in Summertown. But where did she find it — and what does it mean?
  ⇛   Louise Lloyd  

📃 Article • THE TRACY WAY • Lyn Mason pays tribute to her Kidlington friend Tracy Jameson whose life featured in the BBC TV documentary Miriam's Dead Good Adventures.
  ⇛   Lyn Mason  

♦ Advertisement • The Children's House • Montessori Nursery School in Kidlington.

  ⇛   The Children's House  

♦ Advertisement • The Kidlington Centre • Shopping Mall.

  ⇛   The Kidlington Centre  

♦ Advertisement • Co-operative Communities • Work experience, volunteering, community grants & funding.

  ⇛   The Midcounties Co-operative  

📃 Article • THE WICKERSLEY PIE • Stilly's poem extols an exceptional envy and toast of the WI.
  ⇛   Stilly  

📃 Article • CHURCH STREET HONEY • Kitty Knight explains the harvesting process for producing Church Street Honey.
  ⇛   Kitty Knight  

📃 Article • DIARY OF A NOVICE BEEKEEPER • Henrietta Batchelor takes delivery of her first beehive and discovers she has a whole new language to learn.
  ⇛   Henrietta Batchelor  

📃 Article • A SWARM IN MAY • Andy Pedley safely relocates a swarm of bees nesting in a street in Kidlington.
  ⇛   Andy Pedley  

♦ Advertisement • DrunkDry Ltd. Kidlington off-licence now open. • Strict social distancing in store. Collect Only. ★★★ QUOTE CODE 'KV358' for Kidlington Voice Readers' Discount of 10% off all drinks collected in June 2020.

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♦ Advertisement • Evolution Hair Design • Need a trim? A new hair style? Make an appointment with Kidlington's Evolution Hair Design Salon.

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♦ Advertisement • Smile With Us • Kidlington Dental Practice

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♦ Advertisement • JLDA • Design, Planning Applications, Listed Building Consents & Building Regulations Applications.

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♦ Advertisement • Lincroft Meadow Care Home • Cosy, comfortable, elegant.

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♦ Advertisement • Evolution Tattoo Studio Ltd • Post lockdown tattoo? Cover up? A new piece of work? Or just need some advice?

  ⇛   Evolution Tattoo Studio  

♦ Advertisement • Furniture and Design of Oxford • Bespoke Handmade Kitchens and Interiors.

  ⇛   Furniture and Design of Oxford  

♦ Advertisement • Oxfordshire Adult Learning • Part-time and evening courses.

  ⇛   Abingdon & Witney College  

♦ Advertisement • Oxon-Tech • Managed IT support for business.

  ⇛   Oxon-Tech  

September 2020

📃 Article • THE QUEEN'S MUSIC • Alan Kestner narrates his pencil drawing inspired by the Queen's speech in May 2020.
  ⇛   Alan Kestner  

📃 Article • NOCTURNE • James Hamilton takes a short walk without leaving the house.
  ⇛   James Hamilton  

📃 Article • FANDILAY • Paul Humphreys tells of a word recovered from a childhood memory.
  ⇛   Paul Humphreys  

♦ Advertisement • SupportComm • Photocopiers and professional printers for your office.

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♦ Advertisement • Pitman Optometrists • Pitman Optometrists has been providing local independent eye care in Oxfordshire for over 25 years.

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📃 ★★★ More Articles • ★★★ MORE ARTICLES • See more articles by local writers published on Kidlington Voice Online in 2020.
  ⇛   More Articles  

⚫ Information • CURIOUS MINDS • You may feel you've already found lots to do in the empty time suddenly available, but just in case you'd like to explore something new, the University of Oxford is offering various opportunities:
  ⇛   Curious Minds  

♦ Advertisement • Plumbing & Heating • Bathrooms, kitchens, central heating, solar.

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October 2020

03 Oct Sat ↪ Event • MUSIC FESTIVAL • 3rd through 18th October: musical performances held at St. Mary's Church, Kidlington, featuring a range of local musical talent from choral singers and brass bands, to organ music and bell-ringing; plus a host of talented young musicians from our local schools.

November 2020


December 2020

12 Dec Sat ↪ Event • FOLLOW THAT STAR! • 4.00pm procession from the High Street to St.Mary's Church Kidlington. Includes three camels — ridden by the winners of the competition organised by St Mary's Church.

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