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On this website you'll find handy references about the UK's village of Kidlington in Oxfordshire with pointers to many of its local businesses. Here follows a link to our Council's Masterplan which includes our District's vision for 2031. You will find written articles by Kidlington Journalists and you may submit your own articles too. Click on the first card below headed What's On for a list of our region's upcoming events and alongside look at this week's Poster Parade. There's a gallery of pictures under the card headed Local Photographs. See this month's cover of Kidlington News magazine. Refer to the timetable of buses between Kidlington and the City of Oxford. Find the card headed Contact Us and enquire about submitting your own organisation's information for publication on this popular and ever-growing information system: our Website Statistics show unique visits around 5000 per month with visitors routinely coming from the local population but also nationally and increasingly from around the world. Most importantly, please enjoy the simple seredipity of this website; scroll down and explore — discover What's What, Who's Who, and what's on offer in our neck of the woods today for housing, employment, regional development, community spirit, education, enterprise, and access to culture. Welcome to
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Sunday 20th May 2018

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